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Marketing Data

Our marketing team can provide you with the relevant marketing data of that is relevant to your business. The data may consist from category to class and area to locality. Our Accuracy is 95% as we believe in quality and tend to build a healthy relation with our clients.

Market trend

With Pakistan occupying a slot in top five messaging countries. Mobile is now the most striking media it directly access to audience more than 139.20 million mobile subscribers in Pakistan. Mean 139.20 million of audiences to approach. “Budget optimizing “lower cost compared to the other media but response % is equivalent higher. Get a response from an audience immediately. Advertisers are using the fashion of ‘texting’ for a greater cause. All kinds of businessmen, solicitors, service providers and vendors are turning to the SMS advertising, as a great response has been observed through this new age advertising technique. We can monitor the successful rate of the campaign by numbers of received SMS. Many marketers, retailers and publishers recognizing need for mobile presence. It is known as most powerful loyalty marketing tool. User experience with the Internet on mobile not ideal -- screen size, keypad and slow network speeds also put positive result in the e-marketing.


We offer promoters powerful, yet easy to use, SMS marketing services for event and party promotions. We also offer SMS marketing solutions for trade show and exhibition producers, as well as festivals.


The SMS marketing services makes it easy to collect cell phone numbers and send promotional text messages to your retail customers. We offer customized solutions for car dealerships, golf courses, salons & spas, sports leagues, and theaters.


Extend your relationship with your readers beyond the page with our SMS marketing programs for magazines and publishing


Offer your viewers interactive applications to complement their viewing experience with our SMS marketing promotions for television.

Colleges, Universities, & Schools

In the event of an emergency, we can help you secure your campus with our SMS marketing notification system for colleges, universities, and schools. Emergency Notification. Exams Schedule. School Timings. Parents Meeting Reminder. Time Table. Fee Schedule. Seminars.

Social, Political & Non-Profit Groups

Use the power of SMS marketing to rally supporters, organize meetups, political organization and increase the bonds of community.

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